Thursday, April 28, 2011


Life is busy and it is hard to keep up with this thing in the middle of Graduation Tests, EOCTs, Volleyball Tournaments every weekend, an ear infection in each of little man's ears, and the rest of life in general. To tide you over- here is a pic of Aidan in Louisville this past weekend. The girls on my team absolutely adore him and take care of him. These are some of the special sunglasses they gave him.

Elton John Style

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Healing and Showers

This one is going to be pretty long since a lot has happened in the past week and a half
This has been the wonderful view of my spring break....

Last Monday I went in for surgery. The goal was to do a bone graft on the shin, but when he "got in there" he saw that my bone was in tact and there was no fracture. He saw that instead, the bone was extremely soft but all in one piece. When he cut into my shin, the area did not bleed like it was supposed to, which means that the area is not getting enough blood flow to heal the bone (which is why it is so soft). He "roughed up" the tissues around the bone (not sure exactly what that entails) and hopefully this will help the bone heal again.

It has been an interesting few weeks.....

Jo and Norman sent me some flowers with balloons and Aidan was giving them to me

Turned out to be a new favorite toy of his
Still trying to be a mommy even if I can't chase after him

Look at that precious face!

On Friday and Saturday I went to the Georgia World Congress Center to see my team play in the Big South Qualifier. I was exhausted both days from being on crutches there (not suited for that!) Sunday, Zach had to work so I wasn't able to go because I didn't have a ride (driving on painkillers not legal). But, overall I was happy I could go a few days- I had already told the girls I wouldn't be able to make it, so it was nice to surprise them.

On the way home from GWCC- we were both exhausted from a day of volleyball.

A few days ago, Zach had to go to work so I was left to watch Aidan by myself for a few hours. I was EXHAUSTED by the end of it. Zach got everything ready for us in Aidan's room. We had the door shut so he couldn't escape and we just read books, played, and looked out the sliding glass door. One thing Zach and I did not anticipate is that I would want to change outfits for my sister's baby shower that afternoon.....with a baby....on crutches. So, I put Aidan in the stroller and pushed him around the house while I got ready. It was quite a sight.....

All of my boys ready to run outside and play

Baby Shower time! Please, crowd around me because I am not moving.

Kristin, Ally, Kathy, Betty, Shannon and Aidan.

Now add Mom to the group

Flirting with the ladies

He was a mess! Running around everywhere.

By the way he is STANDING ON HIS OWN!! Ahh!
Walking with Kathy

And now exhausted...

We went to the Dr. on Monday. He is 23 pounds (75th percentile) and 31 inches (97th percentile!). Everything was perfect and boring, which I love! He has 4 top teeth coming in (which now explains his extreme crying in the middle of the night, which is not like him at all). Best part of the day though was when he did not even cry when he got his shot! I couldn't believe it. SOOO tough!