Monday, March 29, 2010

Proof that My Husband Lives Here + a PregPic

I came home the other day to the house looking like a bachelor pad and it made me laugh. Zach recently got a projector and apparently the wall is just not good enough. So, he found two coat hangers and a sheet out of the closet (it was news to me that he even knew how to use a hanger!)

At least he is creative right?

Xbox controller and headset. Blanket and pillow. And, somehow a flip-flop on the coffee table? Hey, at least it is clean! He vacuumed the other day and took out all the trash and boxes so I can't complain.

31 weeks 3 days
I feel like the energizer bunny in stomach size- not in energy. It just keeps going and going.

Friday, March 26, 2010

Georgia Baby Shower!

Proof that Ally is skinnier than me!

Alright, let's rub it in some more!

My favorite girls! Taylor, Ashley, Ally (and Tracy taking the pictures)

How cute is that?!
We might not let him wear it out though- we don't want him pickin' up the ladies too early

Thank you JoJo!

This kid will never run out of clothes! No, seriously....

All things sports! Yay!

The best hostesses!

Ally, Me, and Mom

"I want to feel him kick" - Mom in an annoyed voice. "Sorry, I will make sure to schedule that for you next time"- Me in a sarcastic voice :-)

Thank you to everyone who came or gave Baby Darling a gift- we truly appreciate it! It is so generous of everyone to want to help and we cannot thank you guys enough. And, it was great to see everyone again!!

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Freak Snow and Mentors

Friday afternoon Zach and I crossed the Arkansas/Oklahoma line and were greeted with 70 degree weather- awesome! Then we were listening to the radio say that we were supposed to get 2-3 inches of snow tomorrow... ummm, what?? Zach had to drive straight down to Dallas to work a PrimeTime basketball tournament for the weekend so I was in Lawton all by my lonesome. Sure enough, Saturday morning snow was here.

I love this rental car!

The weather was a little ridiculous. It was snowing but the wind made the snow travel horizontally. The wind was probably going 100 mph (ok exaggeration, but it was really bad)

Our house

I am convinced that MJ will single-handedly kill this tree. This is the ONLY place he pees in our yard.

But today it is back to the low 70s. Oklahoma is so weird....

As for the mentor.... now I know where my dog learned to get on the furniture. I woke up one morning at my mom's house over break to Rocky being utterly disturbed that I wanted him to move. I'm still not even sure how he gets his fat butt up there considering he has two torn ACLs in his back legs.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

More Pregnancy Pictures!

Here are 4 more pictures taken by the lovely Tracy Alene (

Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pregnancy Pictures!

Monday when Zach and I were back in Georgia, my cousin Tracy took some pregnancy pics of me- they turned out sooooo beautiful! All of you should hire her for weddings/portraits/etc cause she is amazing! Here are just 5 of the pictures that she took. Her website is

I was 29 weeks 3 days in all of these pics.

More Georgia pictures and shower pictures coming soon......

Monday, March 15, 2010

Georgia Bound

Well we finally got to Georgia Saturday night and are here until Friday morning. We stopped in Memphis Friday night and then got on the road the next morning after visiting with family. Probably no more updates until this weekend- no internet at Mom's house and I would much rather hang out with our long lost family than play on the internet anyway!

MJ thoroughly enjoyed the drive. He was passed out on the back seat the entire way from Memphis to Atlanta stretched from one door to the other.

Friday, March 12, 2010

John Mayer

The famous John Mayer concert that Zach has been talking about for months and months ever since he got this amazing Christmas gift from his parents... Without further adieu let me present the photography montage....

Zach rushed me out of the house without make-up on. Hence the reason I look the way I look. Awesome....

Actually I made Zach take a million pictures of us before it started because I looked fat in almost all of them. No make-up + pregnancy fat face never good. So these are the two that made the cut. Let's just say that these won't be our profile pics or anything!

My concert shoes- where else am I going to wear sparkly zebra print flats? Love them though!

The stage before it started.
I was really worried that the usher lady's reflective jacket was going to ruin all my concert pics...

The opening band- Michael Franti and Spearhead.
They were really awesome- like reggae rap from a white-guy with a little black-eyed peas mixed in. It wasn't until the end that we realized what song he was famous for - "Say Hey"
You would recognize it once you heard it. Promise.

Michael Franti, drunk people to the bottom and left of your screen, and the stupid reflecting jacket- ugh!

Michael Franti

John Mayer comes on!

I am not super-in-love with John Mayer like Zach is. But, he is pretty awesome live. He has only lost his awesomeness in the 14 hour car ride to Georgia on repeat. Kill me.

I am not a fan of standing for long periods of time whether 28 weeks pregnant or not.

Even at NC State when all the students would stand at the football games I would be like "can't we just sit already? My feet hurt. This is dumb." True football fan I am not.

So I was really hoping I would be able to sit for most of it...

My view for half of the concert. I would stand for a song, sit for one, stand for two, sit for one.
That is Zach standing next to me on the left- he is a true fan. Can't you people just sit down? What is really the difference in standing?

The truly sad part: I had to go get a large coke to keep me from falling asleep. I worked at 6am that morning and Zach and I are usually in bed by 10. We are wild and crazy! Can't even stay awake until 11:30 for a concert. Haha.

The first time I saw John Mayer I was going into 9th grade of High School and he was playing in Atlanta at "On the Bricks" in Centennial Olympic Park.

He actually played a ton of his old stuff- which was good for me cause that's pretty much all I know :-)

We were a little further away than some of the other pics deceptively make you believe. This is true camera angle.

Fun night!

I took a really awesome video from the concert. I tried to upload it to you-tube on my account, but got halfway through and realized I was violating their terms of use- you aren't supposed to put up videos of concerts without permission. So nevermind- I was just excited that he played Why, Georgia- he knew we were in the audience I guess :-)