Tuesday, February 14, 2012

25 Weeks

Well, we have finally hit 25 weeks. Getting close to the 3rd trimester. I have been soooo busy throughout this pregnancy that it has gone by so fast. But now, the anticipation is starting to get to me- the whole pregnancy is starting to slooooooow down and feel like it's taking forever. Too bad because I still have 15 weeks. Gah! I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow and will find out if they are going to move the due date up a few days.
Best story of the month- my son hitting the terrible twos and the 18 month stage. Now that he is 20 months, he is all over the place throwing out defiance left and right. This includes, but not limited to, saying "no" to everything and everybody. My current favorite was when I ran the bath water while he was in his room playing. I went to get a towel and come back to this....
He got into the bath by himself with all of his clothes on, including diaper and rain boots. At least he was prepared for the water?