Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Birth Story of Brooks Daniel Darling

I took Friday off (one of our post-planning days) because I had been having contractions on and off for the past few days.  I would get constant contractions about 10 minutes apart, or 7 minutes apart, or 8 minutes apart, and then they would just disappear after an hour or so.  Because Zach (my designated driver) didn't have to go to post-planning, I decided to stay home with him so that if I did go in to labor, I would have him ready to go with me. 

We ended up going to the pool to let Aidan swim, went out to eat at Chow Baby in Atlanta (maybe it was the Coconut Curry sauce that sent me in to labor!) and hung out at the Darlings' for a few hours before heading up to meet my Dad at the outlets.  We wanted to celebrate Aidan's birthday with him, and decided on Ruby Tuesdays in Dawsonville.  On the way there, I started getting contractions about 6-7 minutes apart- I wasn't super worried because I had been doing this for days.  I just assumed they would go away like the others did.  I actually WANTED them to go away, since we had plans.  The whole time through dinner, they were about five minutes apart- which I was timing on my iPhone.  Apparently Dad thought I was being rude and texting during dinner- ha!  Towards the end of dinner, I had been having these contractions for over an hour at five minutes apart- so it was time.  I felt awful cutting Aidan's birthday short-he didn't even get to open presents in front of them, but I was ready to have a baby!  Good news is that we were only thirty minutes away from the hospital- which is actually less than it would have been if we were at home.

Zach flew down to the hospital and we checked in about 7:45.  They took me into a room to check and see if I was actually in labor.  I was 4 cm dilated, 100% effaced and having steady contractions- so I got to stay!  Until about 8:45 the contractions were definitely something I could breathe through and try to stay relaxed.  About that time, my water broke during a contraction- this hurt WAY worse than the last time since it was accompanied with a contraction.  With Aidan, I was asleep and just thought that I had peed on myself!

From the time my water broke, everything really increased in its intensity.  The contractions got MUCH worse and I was needing Zach during every one to help me get through it.  At about 9:15 or so, I got a little pain medication in my IV to help take the edge off and allow me to relax more during my contractions.  It helped for about 30 minutes, and then I felt the urge to push.  When I told my midwife, she checked me and I was at 10 cm.  Time to push!

With Aidan, I was pushing for 30 minutes or so.  He ended up getting stuck in the birth canal and they had to use the vacuum on him.  With Brooks, I literally pushed for about 5 minutes or so and he was here!  Labor time at the hospital was barely 2 hours- pretty easy!  Brooks was born at 10 pm exactly.

Everyone asked me if it hurt less this time around- let's get one thing straight....natural labor HURTS ok?  Whether it is 10 minutes or 10 hours- it doesn't exactly feel great.  What I will say,  is when it is pretty short,  it is much more bearable since you see the end coming faster!

Brooks Daniel Darling 8 lbs 0.6 oz
19 1/2 inches long

Precious little face!

Aidan at the Darlings Sunday night after I had Brooks to celebrate his birthday.

My goal was to make sure that Aidan's life was not totally rocked within the first few days of bringing Brooks home- so the first step was to make sure that he celebrated his birthday like we had intended!  I was exhausted and felt totally out of it, but Aidan had a blast.

Aidan and Brooks (and Woody) all hanging out on the floor

Aidan and Brooks- Aidan watching cartoons- Brooks sleeping. 

Aidan not liking the flash on the camera- we tried this picture about 5 times and every time his eyes came out like this!  He has been very helpful with his little brother.  He is always worried about Brooks when he is crying- he will walk up to him and say "itz otaaayy books, itz otaaayy."

Aidan waving and Brooks giving some power to the people.

Look at those cheeks

This is Brooks....

and this was Aidan.  Same pose, same outfit, same age.  Whoa....

Currently Brooks is sleeping in a bassinet next to our bed- he is sleeping MUCH better than he did the first two nights we brought him home.  I am having to wake him up to feed him around every 4 hours at night. 

Aidan thinks that this is his also.  Strangely enough the weight limit on this thing is like 35 pounds.  Considering Aidan is 30 pounds, he is technically legal to sleep in this thing.  Ummm...really?  I think they should rethink that....

Aidan, Daddy and Brooks

Look at that milk-coma face.  Precious

Tricked ya....this is a picture of Aidan.  We are definitely going to have to label every single picture, considering I gave birth to the same child twice.  They are almost identical in every picture that I look at.

Daddy, Aidan, and Brooks