Thursday, October 29, 2009

Pink Out and Clinics!

This past weekend while I was on my road trip Zach went to a coaching clinic in Stillwater at Oklahoma State. He really enjoyed it and I think they had a great time. Good news- my car got all the way there and back without any problems- a success in itself. One of his favorite stories was from one of the speakers who discussed the saying "never be a sometimes player." Zach really liked this and I have a feeling that it will be used a lot in his coaching philosophy. Also, it wouldn't be Zach if he didn't come back with some great food story! He ate at this one place (I will have to ask him what it was called again and update it later) but he got almost a whole chicken on his plate with a massive bowl of nachos- the head coach got a side of okra instead of nachos and it was like a serving bowl full of fried okra. He said it was some of the best he has ever tasted. *News to any restaurant trying to please my husband- intense portion sizes will be extremely impressive in his eyes!*

Because we were both out of town we had to board MJ. He was soooo NOT happy about this. Because of my schedule I had to pick him up at 8:30 AM on monday. They always give the dogs a bath on the day that they leave, but since I picked him up so early- he got a bath but was still wet. He was angry at us for many reasons! 1. He was left alone all weekend 2. He had to get his boardatella up his nose to keep him up to date on his shots 3. He was soaking wet and it was freezing outside 4. He is a big fat baby and hates being boarded. He cried, barked, and whimpered in the waiting room when I picked him up- so embarrassing! He has since recovered from his episode of being a brat.

Tonight is our huge Breast Cancer Awareness Night at the volleyball game. We have put a lot of time into planning everything. We got cute shirts for the girls. They are hot pink and say Cameron Aggies on them- but the "A" in aggies is the breast cancer ribbon. We are selling pink carnations and all of the profits go to breast cancer research. The girls have pink shoe laces that they got at the beginning of the month and will have pink ribbons for their hair. We have put up signs everywhere encouraging people to come wearing their pink- we are calling it a "pink out." Unfortunately we will be competing with the Halloween party thrown by student activities- so hopefully we will still have a good turnout. I will put a post up tomorrow with an update and hopefully some pictures. Oh and anyone who reads this today- text or call Zach to tell him to wear pink tonight. I think I am fighting a losing battle on that one! Maybe you all can help! Picture courtesy of

Monday, October 26, 2009

Abilene Zoo

This past weekend we played Angelo State and Abilene Christian. On Friday, our off day, we went to the zoo in Abilene. It was so much fun.

Spooning Lions
(apparently it was nap time because almost all of the animals were napping)

A Bison- not to be confused with the buffalo. Bison are from North America and Buffalo are from Africa. Learn something new everyday!

One of our players feeding crackers to the giraffes. When you pay for your ticket you can pay an extra $1.50 to buy crackers. You can feed the giraffes, birds, fish and turtles.

Look at those tongues.

I was amazed at these tongues

They fought over every last cracker.

One of the funniest moments at the zoo!

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Motorcycling Grandmas

So for those of you who don't know- my Nana is ballin'- Here she is posing on a Harley right before her 90th birthday! Makes me want to be exactly like that when I get older. Between her and my Poppy (who is well into his 90s and still cutting trees in my mom's front yard with his chain saw), I will hopefully will have some good genes and live a long and prosperous life!

Monday, October 5, 2009

First weekend off!! WooHoo!

So, Saturday Oct.5 was my first Saturday off since July! Which also meant that I had Friday to myself as well- no recruiting, no traveling, no nothing! Zach and I went to the Lawton High School Football Game. It was a lot of fun, but I was exhausted at about halftime (long enough to check out who was crowned homecoming queen- so extremely important!) so we ended up heading home when it was tied 7-7 to get some sleep :) Apparently Lawton ended up kicking some major butt, so maybe I was a bad luck charm.

Zach and me at the Lawton HS Football Game

The next morning we got up bright and early to head to Cracker Barrel for some awesome breakfast! Then we went down to Wichita Falls to go SHOPPING!

You have no idea how beautiful this sign is until you no longer see one all the time! :-(

We spent some moolah and headed home to watch football. I took an extremely long nap and put off a huge paper. All in all, a successful day off!

This weekend we travel to Kingsville, TX and for those of you who don't know it is VERY far away- probably over ten hours. We are stopping in San Antonio to split the trip up but we will play Texas A&M Kingsville Thursday night and then Tarleton on Saturday afternoon. There will be some strange practices coming up since one of our starting players is perhaps out with the Swine and a few more are dropping like flies due to sickness. We ended up having to cancel practice on Friday because we had to send four girls home sick. Hopefully everyone will stay healthy including Zach and me!