Monday, May 23, 2011

Amazing Weekends

This weekend was full of lots of memorable moments. On Saturday, I got to go to a Bridal shower for my girl Ashley Weider. I played volleyball with her at Berry and she is getting married in August. It was soooooo great to see her and her fiance, Justin, and some other teammates Taylor and Leah. I love them to death!! Wish more would have been able to come. I don't have any pictures- maybe I can steal some from Taylor and put them up later~

Sunday was complete with a great church service at North Metro. It was baptism Sunday, so it was great to watch the testimonies of all of the people who were baptized that morning. We had Poppy's birthday party at Lunch on Maine- he turned 94 on Thursday!!! Amazing! Then we came home and played with da bebies in the pool.

This is officially how Aidan starts off the day. He lays on the cute dog pillow that Wes and Ally got him, drinks his bottle, and watches cartoons (I know, he is not supposed to be on a bottle at 1 yr, but the sippy cup is not working!)

Next, we get nakey and watch cartoons.

The mornings are VERY slow for us.... haha

Next we moved outside and got in the pool, played with the water hose, and had a blast.

Little Miss Riley.

Babysitting both Riley and Aidan at the same time was....interesting. At one point, Aidan was eating dog food while I was holding Riley. While tucking her like a football, I was pulling pieces of dog food out of Aidan's mouth. Haha. Precisely why two this close in age will NOT happen for me. Ahhhhhhh. Riley is also very.... needy. I will just go ahead and say it. Praise my sister! I got very lucky with the temperment and personality of Aidan-bug. He is so self-sufficient and self-entertained. Right after he was born, he was sleeping in his own bed in the other room. Riley needs to be held all the time- which is great when you want to cuddle- not so great when you have other things you want to be doing... like SLEEPING! Ally is doing great though! She is a great mommy! Thank goodness I had an easy baby, that's all I have to say!
For those of you who don't know, we have a couple birthdays on the schedule. Of course, the most important is Aidan's 1st birthday this Saturday on the 28th!!! We are having a Mickey Mouse Party. This is him at Party City on the verge of a meltdown. That was a fun experience. The next birthday is mine on the 30th. Can't believe I will be 24. A little less eventful than the last birthday!

Monday, May 16, 2011

Riley Elaine Campbell

Riley Elaine Campbell was born May 11th at 10:13 pm. She was 7 lbs. 2 oz. and was 20 inches. I do have to brag on myself saying that I guessed the weight and height EXACTLY and beat Zach and both my parents! :-)

Ally and Riley about 45 minutes after she was born

Me and my little niece!

Cute little newborn face with her daddy.

Aunt Shawn and Riley

Aidan was very inquisitive. He was a little rough but if we held his hands so he couldn't smack her, he would give her sweet kisses. Haha.

Precious little lips.

Thursday, April 28, 2011


Life is busy and it is hard to keep up with this thing in the middle of Graduation Tests, EOCTs, Volleyball Tournaments every weekend, an ear infection in each of little man's ears, and the rest of life in general. To tide you over- here is a pic of Aidan in Louisville this past weekend. The girls on my team absolutely adore him and take care of him. These are some of the special sunglasses they gave him.

Elton John Style

Thursday, April 7, 2011

Healing and Showers

This one is going to be pretty long since a lot has happened in the past week and a half
This has been the wonderful view of my spring break....

Last Monday I went in for surgery. The goal was to do a bone graft on the shin, but when he "got in there" he saw that my bone was in tact and there was no fracture. He saw that instead, the bone was extremely soft but all in one piece. When he cut into my shin, the area did not bleed like it was supposed to, which means that the area is not getting enough blood flow to heal the bone (which is why it is so soft). He "roughed up" the tissues around the bone (not sure exactly what that entails) and hopefully this will help the bone heal again.

It has been an interesting few weeks.....

Jo and Norman sent me some flowers with balloons and Aidan was giving them to me

Turned out to be a new favorite toy of his
Still trying to be a mommy even if I can't chase after him

Look at that precious face!

On Friday and Saturday I went to the Georgia World Congress Center to see my team play in the Big South Qualifier. I was exhausted both days from being on crutches there (not suited for that!) Sunday, Zach had to work so I wasn't able to go because I didn't have a ride (driving on painkillers not legal). But, overall I was happy I could go a few days- I had already told the girls I wouldn't be able to make it, so it was nice to surprise them.

On the way home from GWCC- we were both exhausted from a day of volleyball.

A few days ago, Zach had to go to work so I was left to watch Aidan by myself for a few hours. I was EXHAUSTED by the end of it. Zach got everything ready for us in Aidan's room. We had the door shut so he couldn't escape and we just read books, played, and looked out the sliding glass door. One thing Zach and I did not anticipate is that I would want to change outfits for my sister's baby shower that afternoon.....with a baby....on crutches. So, I put Aidan in the stroller and pushed him around the house while I got ready. It was quite a sight.....

All of my boys ready to run outside and play

Baby Shower time! Please, crowd around me because I am not moving.

Kristin, Ally, Kathy, Betty, Shannon and Aidan.

Now add Mom to the group

Flirting with the ladies

He was a mess! Running around everywhere.

By the way he is STANDING ON HIS OWN!! Ahh!
Walking with Kathy

And now exhausted...

We went to the Dr. on Monday. He is 23 pounds (75th percentile) and 31 inches (97th percentile!). Everything was perfect and boring, which I love! He has 4 top teeth coming in (which now explains his extreme crying in the middle of the night, which is not like him at all). Best part of the day though was when he did not even cry when he got his shot! I couldn't believe it. SOOO tough!

Thursday, March 24, 2011

Surgery Info

Details for Monday:

I am having a bone graft done on my shin. They basically go in, file down the bone that is kind of sticking out away from the rest of the bone, fill in any splits in the bone, sew me back up and I'm done. I will have to wear a "bone stimulator" around my leg for six hours a day. Not really sure I know exactly what it is - I stopped listening at "expensive."

At first, I was told I will not be able to bear weight for 2 weeks and then will be on crutches for 8-10 weeks. Now, he is not sure, and he will let me know after he goes in and sees everything.

Monday, I have to go to the out-patient center at 5:45 AM! That might be the worst part about the whole thing. The surgery will begin at 7Am, and I should be home in the afternoon.

I am taking off one week from school (the week before spring break) and then will use spring break as another week to recover. After that, I will be back in the classroom, and depending on what the doctor says, I might be in a chair teaching for a few weeks or the rest of the semester.

That is the update for now, but I will be sure to keep posting all next week to let you all know how I am doing.

Monday, March 21, 2011

Lazy-Boy Swimming

Yesterday, Ally and I took Aidan swimming at the pool at WA. Thought it was going to be heated, but apparently they turned it off for the weekend...did not phase little man a bit.

He absolutely loved watching Ally do laps and watched her go up and under the water. So, he wanted to be like her. I had him on his belly kicking around and he kept dunking his face right in the water on purpose- because he saw Ally doing it. It was hilarious.

Ready to go in brand new swimming gear.

"Seriously.... is this a joke?"

Lounging around in the pool

He thinks everything he sits in is like a Lazy Boy chair

Ready to play


Hello paleness....
My son (who never GOES in the sun) is tanner than me... fabulous!
Update: I will be having a bone graft (surgery) 3/28 which is next Monday- will write up the details in a few days. We are graduation test testing so I will have some free time!

Friday, March 11, 2011

Waiting Game

For those that might not be fully in the loop... I had a tibia rod put in my shin in the summer of 2005 right before I went to NC State for a really bad stress fracture. They went through my knee to put the rod in and it took me 3-4 months to really get back to normal.

Insert cute picture of Aidan when I have nothing else to show....
It has been giving me some trouble lately so in the past month I have had an x-ray and an MRI - both of which were unable to be read because the titanium in the rod messes with the picture. I have had a bone scan and galium bone scans (one tests for stress fractures and one tests for bone infections) and I have had blood work done. Hello out-of-pocket maximum, here I come!
Good news and bad news as of today:
Dr. Wilkes (best orthopedist EVER- my sister and I have frequented his office) is going to "look over everything more thoroughly this weekend" but as of right now, he thinks that there is no bone infection- but there is an unhealed stress fracture in the tibia. I was already prepared for him to tell me that the rod has to come out (he has been talking to me about that for a while- which means essentially knee surgery- not fun). He says that the rod cannot come out because my bone is not strong enough right now to go without the rod.
Instead, he tells me that they are going to (most likely) go in and shave down the bone where there is an unhealed fracture and do a bone graft that will replace the missing bone. So no surgery for the rod- but now have a different surgery.
At least this surgery will not go through the knee and I will not have to worry about rehabbing the knee. But, I will have new scars and new problems.
He said that he will call me on Monday and let me know for sure and we can schedule the surgery. Fabulous! Can't wait! Oh well, maybe I will be able to walk/run/jump without pain afterwards... we shall see.

Thursday, March 3, 2011

Good Morning Sunshine :-)

I had to wake Aidan up for one of the first times this year when I was heading to school. Usually his lazy bum gets to sleep until 8 every day- but 6am came early this morning. His philosophy: if she can't see me I am invisible... He usually sleeps with the blanket totally covering his head and this is where I found him this morning.

Face down with the blanket over the head.

s Aidan in his old-timey FSU outfit. Too bad his tummy was sticking straight out and the jacket wouldn't cover it.

I told him that I think he used to be in Olivia Newton John's "Let's Get Physical" music video.

Bath time. Now we have learned that we need both hands to crawl so the mouth is the third hand right?

Friday, February 18, 2011

Things that make my baby boy happy :-)

This is at Chick-fil-a Dwarf House with my Poppy and Deanie. I can't tell you what Deanie was doing but whatever it was it made him laugh hysterically. This picture is absolutely hilarious and makes him look so much chunkier than he really is (which makes me love it that much more!). The cheeks are deceiving!

Playing the piano that my poppy bought for me when I was little is his favorite thing to do at my mom's house. He jams out! He bangs at the keys and laughs and laughs for long periods of time. And, as any parent knows, anything that can hold a child's attention for even five minutes is so worthy of doing OVER AND OVER AND OVER again!

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Last Home Game Eva

Long time no talk! Sorry about that. But, the most important thing happened a few nights ago that all of you need to know about.... My dad had his last home basketball game EVER!! He is retiring after 31 years in education/coaching. These are a few of the pictures from Tuesday night's big win!!

Lining up the chairs before every game... OCD

Papa and Aidan

They gave him a rocking chair with his name engraved on it.

As you can see... he didn't get those cheeks from my dad.

Ally we need to get Emily's copy of this picture- I think hers came out better.
By the way- we are going to be in the White County paper... I am going to be famous :-)

Future STAR
He moves so quickly that you can't even capture him well on camera

Will now give kisses. BEST FEELING EVER! Getting a kiss from your child who actually means to give you one!

Pre-Game pep talk

Losing at the end of the 1st quarter

Winning 27-25 at the end of the 1st half
Winning 47-31 at end of 3rd quarter

Won the game 63-45!
Post game press conference!

Post-game radio interview

I can't believe there aren't going to be any of his games next year!! It is such a part of him!
For the rest of this season: They had a coin flip with North Hall for 2nd/3rd and they ended up winning it. So, now they play thursday and if they win they go to STATE!! WOOHOO!