Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Halloween Festivities

We took Aidan to the pumpkin patch at Berry Patch Farms in the middle of October- sorry for he lateness!

Pumpkin Carving with Aidan in the Bumbo and a cheat-sheet from the internet!

Not happy about it.

I had to do the dirty work while Zach was the artist.

STILL not happy about it


Finished product

Halloween cupcakes on my cute cupcake tray that I painted at Wired and Fired in Virginia Highlands a few weeks ago on our date afternoon.
Sorry for no Aidan Halloween pics. We need to get him back in his outfit and relive the momet because we have no HAPPY pictures of him in his bat outfit from Target.

Pictures and Sleep News

Sorry for not sharing the wealth sooner!

Aidan news! We go back to the Dr. next week to get a regular check up. He is 5 months old tomorrow!!! What?!? He is now sleeping through the night. Last week he was getting up about every 3 hours like a newborn so Zach and I talked about it - and decided that we needed to let him cry it out. The first night we did he woke up at three, and we let him cry for a bit. He was back asleep by 3:10 and didn't wake up the rest of the night. The next night he slept from 7:30 pm to 8 am and has been sleeping 12 hours at a time from then on. I feel like I should be on a Staple's commercial.... "That was easy!" So we never really had to experience the "agony" of letting him cry it out. Thank goodness!

Excitement about our new toy!!

The family Bible being used in a different way....

Scarecrow arms! He won't put them down. No matter what he is doing he keeps them out just like that!

He's posing for the camera

I'm sorry- is that blonde hair?? Where did you come from?

Praying and NOT smiling. Every time we pull the camera out and he sees it, he stops doing whatever we want to take a picture of.

Already staring at the football

Not sure if eating the football is going to make him millions of dollars- but it's a start....

How precious is this?!?


Date Nights!

Zach and I have started to make an effort to devote one night a week to date night. We had lost our desire/time to keep this up once Aidan got here but we know that we need that time. So, as much as it kills me to be away from Aidan, our marriage is getting some recooperation time when we have "us" time.

A few weeks ago we went to Six Feet Under and then to the Fox to see Ron White perform

Six Feet Under = AMAZING! Get the shrimp and grits!

Aidan staying with Deanie for a few hours and is sooo happy about it!

The Fox

Ron White was hilarious- but the best thing might have been people watching. The clientele there was well.... interesting. Haha.
As of late we have also started doing a couples devotional every night before we go to bed and make sure to do some sort of activity together. We usually play a few games of rummy or maybe stratego. It is nice to carve out some time for each other. Before, we thought we never would have the time since we are so busy- but we do have the time- we just have to plan better.

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Greek Columns

Earlier this year when we were learning about Greece and Rome in World History I stole an awesome idea from my Dad about creating Greek columns. I know that teachers love to steal ideas from as many people as they can- so I am putting this up to maybe help out some World History teachers out there. It was a great idea and they had SOOO much fun doing it.

You give each group of 2 students 4 sheets of computer paper and 4 pieces of tape and tell them to make Greek columns.

They will start making them really tall but will learn quickly that this won't work.

The best columns are the shortest and thickest.

I let them do their demonstrations on my desk.

This group thought about weight displacement which usually helps them stack more

This group had my second highest number of books. They got 44 World History books stacked

An even better picture of how high they go.
It will make a HUGE crashing sound when it falls so be careful that no one is standing where it is leaning!!

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Family Diaries

Last Saturday Zach, Aidan and I went to Centennial Olympic Park and then to the Coke Museum on a whim. It was so much fun to get OUT of the house and do something different.

Again, I am a bad mom and forgot the camera so you have a couple bad quality cell phone pictures. Our goal as of last week is to completely change our lifestyle. We aim to turn OFF the tv, get out and about, and enjoy life. Now that volleyball is over (we lost last weekend in area to Rockdale and then Flowery Branch) I have lots of free time to spend with the fam!

Aidan and Zach. Aidan is already trying to get a drink of coke :-)

On the way to the Centennial Park. Aidan likes to use hands AND feet to hold books and read like a big boy! He's advanced!
At the park we tried to find me and Ally's bricks- no chance. We checked every brick in section 127- I think they lied to us!!!
Then we went to Chow Baby in Atlanta off of 11th st. - AMAZING!!! It was so good. If you haven't eaten there, you should!!

Thursday, October 7, 2010

The Break!

This week we have had a week-long break from school and I have so much to fill all of you in on! I think it is about time that the blog takes on a new life form - instead of just dedicating it to filling family and friends in on Aidan-news (the most important stuff!) it is probably going to turn into the diary of our life - marriage, parenting, and everything in between. We have rededicated our life to walking with Christ and making sure that we set the best example for Doodle-Bug. We have also decided to actually spend quality time together as a family without the TV!!! A novel idea!!!

I have pictures from our recent trip to the Coke museum that I will have to fill you all in on later :-)