Monday, January 17, 2011

Hi Grandpa and Papa!

We don't ever get to see Aidan's granddads enough - one is travelling and one lives in Sautee-Nacoochee, GA (yes, deliverence country). So here are some videos for you both to look at to catch you up a bit.

Aidan was supposed to be going down for a nap.... yeah right.

Eating the camera


Pulling up and laughing


Ice Storm 2011

There is something about Zach and I that seems to bring about ice storms each January/February of the new year. Last year, we had Ice Storm 2010 in Lawton. That one, I have to admit, was worse on the trees and the house, but was not too terribly bad on the roads. This one was pretty bad on the roads.

What all started out as a pretty snow storm.....

Aidan was already asleep by the time the snow hit.

But we did take him out to play in the snow/ice for a few minutes the next day. He was not so sure about it....

Again, is a little uneasy about this white stuff....

Dad shows him how to eat it... followed by a face of a child who just ate a lemon.

Looking like a pudge in his snowsuit.

Daddy and Aidan

Mommy and Aidan

The whole family.

Even Uncle Aaron was there to play.
Well, school was cancelled for a total of FIVE days straight, and we are out today for MLK day. So Tuesday is going to be miserable!!! We have been in school for three days this semester and that was almost two weeks ago. I barely remember what I taught so I FOR SURE know that the students remember NOTHING so re-teach time.
In the beginning of the week we were pretty much stuck inside and couldn't drive anywhere- so needless to say we had LOTS of beloved quality time. It was great to be home another week with Aidan and Zach. We did try to venture out a few days towards the end of the week. I decided to go to the mall to exchange a few things (exchange= successful ; traffic on way home = NIGHTMARE). It was starting to get dark on the way home, which means people start FREAKING out and decided to leave their brains at home. The highway was a nightmare so I decided to go back roads. Bad decision, about an hour down the road (approximately 4 miles) there was a street shut down, so I had to turn around anyway and get on the highway. It took me about three hours to get home.
We bought some new furniture from Rooms to Go so we had to get rid of the old couch that we had. On Friday we took it to Adam's house (Zach's brother) to keep in his basement until Aaron (other brother) wants it. Both Adam and Tiffany were at work (haha) and we tried to get the truck up the icy driveway- bad idea- it started sliding backwards so we had to carry the couch up the driveway (my arms still hurt- I'm not used to this heavy lifting anymore).
Now that the ice storm is over- I am probably losing my nice long break in February to replace the snow days. Not exactly sure of it, but I am willing to put some money on it. Yuck.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Life as We Know it is OVER!

Aidan did a little crawl last night but then had to go to bed; however, this morning he apparently mastered it in his sleep because he was all over the place today. We still just prefer to crawl for food!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

I wish I was this funny all the time!

The first video I took a few nights ago. Mr. Darling found out that saying "ouch" made him laugh hysterically so I did for like an hour straight with him. Good thing I taped it too, cause as soon as Dad got home it wasn't funny anymore. Sorry to all of us teachers out there, you will have to watch this one at home since I am assuming you-tube is blocked.

This next one is of him standing last night. He now feels comfortable by himself standing with help on a piece of furniture.

Now we are taking it back.... WAY back. I forgot I never posted these on the blog so here you go! The first two of when Aidan is a week old trying out a pacifier. All he wants to do now with those things is chew on them like they are a toy.

This is another one of Aidan as a week old. Crazy how much he has changed in so many ways.

Last one is of Aidan when he is 3 weeks old finding his voice and can't figure out if he is mad or not.