Sunday, August 29, 2010

Pool Time

Aidan and I went down to grandma deanie's house last sunday to hang out at the pool with her and aunt ally!~

Aidan fell asleep on the big daddy float- so cute!

Aidan with eight chins and Aunt Ally

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Savannah Break

The last weekend I had off we went down to Savannah to see Hannah and Jake! It was so much fun- Aunt Hannah was a better mommy than I was because she was actually prepared with camera in hand to document Aidan's milestones!

On our way to the BEACH!

The boys happily waiting while we take Aidan down to the ocean for some "firsts"

First time in the ocean!
Oh yeah, he pretty much slept through all of the firsts.
There are some eyes!

First time in the sand

Still sleeping through the whole thing

Daddy trying to wake Aidan up- no chance.

I hope he smiles like this in his senior pictures!

Still perplexed....

Reading so soon?
I swear his eye color changes every day (sometimes blue, sometimes green, sometimes gray)

Worn out at the restaurant when we were eating

Daddy messing with Aidan

More messing-but he loves it

On River St. in Savannah

At Tybee

Sweet Melissa's pizza
Right across from Paula Dean's and it is amazingly tastey and amazingly big!

Almost the size of Aidan

Playing with Aunt Hannah


Playing with Aunt Hannah some more

Laughing at Aunt Hannah
Can't wait until next year when we can actually all enjoy the beach when we go visit in the summertime! I know Aidan will love it!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010


Well, I have been back at school now since July 19th. I had a week of new teacher orientation, a few days of pre-planning and then we got kids on the 28th. After school I have volleyball practice. Up until yesterday, I had no JV coach which meant that I was coaching both teams at one time. Between parents picking kids up late and having to run practice until 6:30, I was not getting home until 7:30. It is devastating to see two of the most important things on this Earth for a few hours a day.

Aidan is now getting 1/2 a tbs. to a full tbs. of rice cereal in his bottle at night. We have weighed out our options- I know some people say not until 4 months- but he has really enjoyed it. He is now sleeping a few extra hours a night (from about 9-2 until his next feeding) and he is still pooping well. In fact, he has been less gassy- not sure if that has to do with it though. He is about 13 pounds and already in size 2 diapers- he is a little bigger than our average 2 1/2 month old, which is why we don't mind giving it to him.

But, now that Aidan is going to sleep at 9, I am only getting about an hour and a half to two hours with him before we have to put him to bed. So I get home and I get to feed him, give him a bath (feed Zach and me) and then feed Aidan his rice cereal and put him to bed. This whole process has been really emotional for me. All I want to do is be home with Aidan. I never thought I would want to be a stay-at-home-mom but how can you leave that cute little face everyday?? Oh yeah, we need the money and the insurance. So it's what's best for him but it is extremely hard for me.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

Smiles but no Sound

SO cute! I wish the sound went with it. Not sure why it didn't download the sound, because there is sound on my flip video still- but for some reason it's not showing up when it is downloaded.

Rolling OVER!!!

Playing on Daddy's tummy

Trying to get the hang of those hands

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stolen Truck

So... the truck story.

Last Friday night Zach and I were getting into bed and we heard his distinct dual-exhaust truck start up. It is extremely loud when it starts, so we knew that it had to be his. He looked out the window and sure enough someone was hopping into the truck and backing out of the parking spot right outside our bedroom window!

This is the truck after the last time it got hit in Oklahoma
Zach ran outside and probably could have gotten to the truck in time, but who knows if the kid had a gun or not- so thank goodness Zach just let him go. Bad news- we had just come home from IKEA with about $100 worth of stuff in the back for our new apartment. Aidan was really fussy on the way home and we were both exhausted so we made the bad decision of leaving it in the bed and locking the bed cover. Even worse news is that my keys were in the truck (school keys, house key, my car key).
As the guy was pulling out of the parking space Zach picked up the phone to call the police and said he is on Dekalb Industrial and if you hurry you can catch him- to which the woman said "I need your license plate #, vin #, etc., etc." Twenty minutes later a cop shows up and asks the same questions again. So he could have been anywhere at that point.
That night we put my car in a garage in the apartment complex and had our locks changed- otherwise I would not have been able to sleep that night.
Zach's dad continued to hound the police (they never called to tell us that the truck was found- we called them). It was found outside of an apartment complex in Chamblee. The whole body was scratched, two tires were shredded (looks like they exploded) and the back axle was damaged. When we went to get the truck everything was stolen out of it (insurance info, IKEA stuff, Zach's coaching bag with all of his plays and everything, registration info- everything except for our 2 Bibles- ironic?) Also, the Darlings were there with us and Mrs. Darling found a tight-fitted t-shirt that she brought over to me which was NOT mine. It was left inside out and was definitely a female's shirt- sick.
He left the keys to the truck but took my car key off the key ring- which means he wants to come back for it. So, we are for sure getting the locks changed on my car and are in the process of doing that now. The truck is probably totalled because of all of the damage- all the little things add up.