Saturday, January 21, 2012

Whoa....It's been a while...

Geez, yes I know it has been MONTHS since I have posted anything. Sorry to the out of towners who don't get to see Aidan because of my laziness. So here's the major updates...

Jobs: Zach and I are both working at Pope High School. I am teaching Geography to freshmen (gag!) and Government to seniors throughout the day. Zach is in the special ed department there. I was a JV Volleyball coach and Varsity Asst. coach on the volleyball team at Pope this year (where we won the third straight volleyball state championship this year). Zach is a Varsity Assistant at Westminster and is still in season. I am also coaching club for Tsunami (15-1) and we are really just getting started.

La Casa: Well since about May/June we were homeless- yay! Our lease ended on the apartment that we were at and we definitely did NOT want to resign. Our goal was to buy a house, but we didn't want to rush anything, so we moved in with my mom for a few months. We went through quite a process in the home-buying department. Not awful, just lots of offers put out there. Sorry if you are trying to sell your home- me and Zach would have been the people you hated. Last time I checked, we are in a housing crisis, so yes we are going to low-ball you. If you don't want the offer, see ya later, we will find someone who will sell their house for cheaper than you.

The PERFECT house came on the market in a different neighborhood (and city) than we had been looking at. We went to look at it, and it was in our price range. An unfinished basement (at this time, we thought our price range included NO basement, so we were shocked that we could get the space and then be able to work on it in the future).

Our realator Linda Monroe is the most amazing woman ever. She was a long-time family friend of the Darlings and is INTENSE to say the least. Half the time I can't even understand what she is saying on the phone because she talks a mile a minute and has this amazing go-go-go personality. She got to the house before us and happen to see that another house was for sale across the street.- but it was a little out of our price-range and a little bigger than we had intended to buy.

She asked if we wanted to see it- and we did. It was BEAUTIFUL. This was ten time better than the house we thought "was perfect" right across the street. It was a foreclosure, but amazine news- it was on the market just long enough for the bank to come in and put brand new carpets down and brand new paint up- and A FULLY FINISHED BASEMENT. It would be MOVE-IN -READY! WHAAA??? 5 bedrooms, two and a half baths, and three walk-in closets just in the master bedroom. Linda called the bank, and that afternoon they had dropped the price 10,000 dollars from what the listing said. Oh my Lord, this was too good to be true. But it was true, and we moved in late October. We are still in the process of "decorating." What a great problem to have= we don't have enough furniture/pictures/decorations to fill the house. And great news for Zach is that we moved in at the perfect time for him to have ZERO yard work. Oh yeah, and did I mention that they left a huge hot-tub on the back screened in porch? Oh and did I also mention that they took the freakin oven racks out of the oven with them?? Who does that? (Hot tub>oven racks though)

Babay News: Oh yeah, we are having another baby! Baby D2 (I really want to call him R2D2) will be here May 29th (remember Aidan's b-day is May 28th and mine is May 30th). It is a BOY! Amen to not having to buy anything new. He is healthy and happy and moving, and I am gaining weight like there is no tomorrow. I gained 50 lbs with Aidan so my goal is to NOT have a "I am actually a few pounds away from 200" scare again...we will see.

I think that is it for now... stay tuned.