Monday, June 28, 2010


Sorry for not posting in FOREVER, but we have been kinda busy! We are officially back in Atlanta and our cross country move went relatively smooth.

As of late we have looked at some apartments in the Decatur area (since that will be the same distance from Heritage and from Dunwoody).

Aidan is ONE MONTH OLD today! CRAZY!!

First dip in the pool.
He pretty much slept through the milestone.

Family pool time
Aidan update: When he was about two and a half weeks old he started getting cranky around 7-11 at night. We just thought that this would be his cranky time and we did everything we could to console him. Last wednesday he was like this ALL day long and ALL night long, so we knew something was up. We had our suspicions that he was acting hungry even though he was eating all the time. We took him to the pediatrician on Friday and had him weighed. Our suspicions we confirmed that he was not getting enough milk from me and has not gained a good amount of weight. The pediatrician was soooo nice and sooo awesome. She told me that this happens to women all the time (including herself) and that even though we would have to supplement with formula I would still get to nurse and he will still be a normal kid. So, he gets to nurse and then afterwards he gets a two ounce bottle at every feeding and he is like a DIFFERENT baby. He is happy all the time and he is growing right before our eyes. It's crazy.
But with bottles and formula come a whole different ball game- burping is VERY necessary. Before, if I didn't get him to burp he was fine 'cause he never really took in much air anyway. Well, I learned VERY quickly that throw up is eminent if there is no burping.

So burp away grandma Deanie.

MJ and Aidan love each other :-)

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