Friday, March 2, 2012

Blurry Weeks

The past few weeks have been a blur!!

The major issue: We had a long weekend for President's Day and relaxed around the house to recooperate from Zach's long season and my volleyball filled weekends. Monday we went out to lunch at Applebees. I ordered a southwest chicken pasta with spinach leaves- it was AMAZING and ate the whole thing. Zach had the Fiesta Chicken with rice and he seemed to like it. Skip to volleyball practice that night- I felt fine until the ride home. I started having major pregnancy symptoms like cramping, acid reflux, etc. All things that I never really had that bad with Aidan's pregnancy- I was MISERABLE. I got home at 10-went straight up to the shower and then laid down in bed. By 11 I was running into the bathroom to throw up. We thought that might be the end of it, so Zach got me some cheerios and some water. Within the hour that was gone too. Pretty much every hour on the hour I spend a little time in the bathroom throughout the night- so I took the next day off. Poor Zach has gag-reflexes that made him almost start gagging from hearing me. Food poisoning while pregnant was awful for me and everyone else in the house. Every since then, I still feel like I am catching up.

Zach is starting to enjoy the quiet life, since basketball is done for now and he is able to get home every day around 4:15. We are both able to ride to school together (except for days that I have to go straight to volleyball) and save some gas money! I have been having a really hard time on Mondays and Wednesdays (vball days). I really do regret volunteering to coach this year, considering that I am driving around an hour each way to get to/from practice and I only get to see Aidan in the mornings when I meet up with Dayna. Come the time that I get paid for it, I might not regret it- but it is definitely too much on my plate right now; however, it is like genetically in my body that I am incapable of quitting something if I told them that I would do it. Good news though, is that since Zach's season is over he is able to get Aidan home early and play with him all night, so even though I am not there, he does get quality daddy time.

Last night Aidan fell asleep on Zach after playing so hard when we got home. For those of you who don't really know him, he NEVER does this. He will only fall asleep in the car seat or in his bed. He is always too afraid he is going to miss something to ever fall asleep in a different place, but Zach wore him out! And yes, he has jeans and no shirt on- we like to instill white trash in our children at a young age :-)

More in Aidan news, our goal was to try to transition him to a big boy bed in March. AHHH! It IS march! I'm not so sure he is ready, but we might try naps in there and see how it goes. But, I am NOT buying another crib so we are going to figure something out. Lord knows the child can physically climb out of his crib, but he has no desire to. He just sits in there and talks to his Illinois pillow and his blankets and stuffed animals. We will see....

He seems to have already figured it out though. I was upstairs with him doing laundry and he was playing in his "big boy room"- I walk in to see what he is doing and he is just laying on his bed with his head on his pillow talking to his toy truck.

We are finally starting to figure our routines in our house out- we did a MASSIVE cleaning on Sunday and got soooo much done. It still feels like we haven't fully moved in because not everything is perfect yet, but it is getting there.

Hence the reason why we needed a major cleaning. Hurrican Aidan destroyed our living room.

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