Friday, January 15, 2010


On Monday, I bought MJ a GORGEOUS new dog house. It has been sooo cold lately that there is no place for him to hide from it in our new backyard. We had awesome intentions of leaving him outside while we were gone all day since he is notorious for causing mischief during our absence (which he has done at my Mom's house all the time- so we weren't too worried about him not liking it outside).

I bought it at PetSense and put it together ALL BY MYSELF- which I am very proud of! The day I bought it was the first day MJ has stayed outside without us being at the house.
new dog house!
Since I wouldn't be able to get it through the doorway completely set-up, I decided to go out in the backyard and put it together. When I am putting the last wood screws in, a nice lady walks by with her dog and brings me some news... "Um, I just wanted to let you know that your dog has gotten out four or five times today."
She also told me that she would see him out and open the gate and he would run right back into our yard. She said that she tried to put some bricks and wood in the gap where he is getting out but Houdini can find a way out of ANYTHING and I really mean that. He once ate his way out of his metal dog crate. No joke! I came home and two of the bars had been chewed off and he had bent the other ones so that he could escape.

He is apparently escaping between the pole and the house right next to the first window. You know, the space that I can barely fit my foot through. I have no idea how he does it!

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