Wednesday, January 27, 2010

Baby Bumpdate and San Antonio

This past weekend, I traveled down to San Antonio with Bri, the head coach. We went to a huge tournament (smaller than a qualifier, but much bigger than a regular club tournament) called the Tour of Texas. It was in the AstroDome there. We found a lot of good talent, so the trip was quite a success!

Wish I could have gotten a view from up above to show how many courts there were. I'm not tall enough to give you that view, but many of the girls at the tournament were! I feel so short going to these things now that most girls are 6' and above!

Baby Bump Pics
22 weeks 5 days

22 weeks 5 days and no flash
I don't look so pale in this one though-
might be a new picture taking strategy, hmmm....

Well, my small shirts that I used to wear are a little TOO small now so I have had to put all my mediums in the top drawer. My belly button is about as close to an "outty" as it will probably get. Many many more changes to "look forward to".... At least each new problem gets me closer to when we can meet the baby.

No names yet, and knowing our indecisiveness we probably won't decide on one for sure until we meet our little man. We have two names that we like, but will probably hold onto them until we decide for sure.

Oh and these pics are in our new house- but you won't get to see pics of that until we can at least get some boxes out of the way! Sheesh, it's a mess right now but in due time it will look much better!

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