Sunday, August 22, 2010

Savannah Break

The last weekend I had off we went down to Savannah to see Hannah and Jake! It was so much fun- Aunt Hannah was a better mommy than I was because she was actually prepared with camera in hand to document Aidan's milestones!

On our way to the BEACH!

The boys happily waiting while we take Aidan down to the ocean for some "firsts"

First time in the ocean!
Oh yeah, he pretty much slept through all of the firsts.
There are some eyes!

First time in the sand

Still sleeping through the whole thing

Daddy trying to wake Aidan up- no chance.

I hope he smiles like this in his senior pictures!

Still perplexed....

Reading so soon?
I swear his eye color changes every day (sometimes blue, sometimes green, sometimes gray)

Worn out at the restaurant when we were eating

Daddy messing with Aidan

More messing-but he loves it

On River St. in Savannah

At Tybee

Sweet Melissa's pizza
Right across from Paula Dean's and it is amazingly tastey and amazingly big!

Almost the size of Aidan

Playing with Aunt Hannah


Playing with Aunt Hannah some more

Laughing at Aunt Hannah
Can't wait until next year when we can actually all enjoy the beach when we go visit in the summertime! I know Aidan will love it!

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