Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Stolen Truck

So... the truck story.

Last Friday night Zach and I were getting into bed and we heard his distinct dual-exhaust truck start up. It is extremely loud when it starts, so we knew that it had to be his. He looked out the window and sure enough someone was hopping into the truck and backing out of the parking spot right outside our bedroom window!

This is the truck after the last time it got hit in Oklahoma
Zach ran outside and probably could have gotten to the truck in time, but who knows if the kid had a gun or not- so thank goodness Zach just let him go. Bad news- we had just come home from IKEA with about $100 worth of stuff in the back for our new apartment. Aidan was really fussy on the way home and we were both exhausted so we made the bad decision of leaving it in the bed and locking the bed cover. Even worse news is that my keys were in the truck (school keys, house key, my car key).
As the guy was pulling out of the parking space Zach picked up the phone to call the police and said he is on Dekalb Industrial and if you hurry you can catch him- to which the woman said "I need your license plate #, vin #, etc., etc." Twenty minutes later a cop shows up and asks the same questions again. So he could have been anywhere at that point.
That night we put my car in a garage in the apartment complex and had our locks changed- otherwise I would not have been able to sleep that night.
Zach's dad continued to hound the police (they never called to tell us that the truck was found- we called them). It was found outside of an apartment complex in Chamblee. The whole body was scratched, two tires were shredded (looks like they exploded) and the back axle was damaged. When we went to get the truck everything was stolen out of it (insurance info, IKEA stuff, Zach's coaching bag with all of his plays and everything, registration info- everything except for our 2 Bibles- ironic?) Also, the Darlings were there with us and Mrs. Darling found a tight-fitted t-shirt that she brought over to me which was NOT mine. It was left inside out and was definitely a female's shirt- sick.
He left the keys to the truck but took my car key off the key ring- which means he wants to come back for it. So, we are for sure getting the locks changed on my car and are in the process of doing that now. The truck is probably totalled because of all of the damage- all the little things add up.

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  1. oh my freaking gosh...how horrible. i am so sorry shawn. this is NOT the welcome back MOST of atlanta wants to give you. do yall have good insurance? oh man i am so sorry for all the liitle headaches and bigger worries that this causes. lean on those 2 books he left behind! and maybe get the cab steam cleaned. praying for you