Monday, March 21, 2011

Lazy-Boy Swimming

Yesterday, Ally and I took Aidan swimming at the pool at WA. Thought it was going to be heated, but apparently they turned it off for the weekend...did not phase little man a bit.

He absolutely loved watching Ally do laps and watched her go up and under the water. So, he wanted to be like her. I had him on his belly kicking around and he kept dunking his face right in the water on purpose- because he saw Ally doing it. It was hilarious.

Ready to go in brand new swimming gear.

"Seriously.... is this a joke?"

Lounging around in the pool

He thinks everything he sits in is like a Lazy Boy chair

Ready to play


Hello paleness....
My son (who never GOES in the sun) is tanner than me... fabulous!
Update: I will be having a bone graft (surgery) 3/28 which is next Monday- will write up the details in a few days. We are graduation test testing so I will have some free time!

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  1. excuse me, where did that child live for 9 months...because it clearly wasnt your belly! you look great. cannot believe you have to have another surgery! love that little waterbug! so cute.