Thursday, March 24, 2011

Surgery Info

Details for Monday:

I am having a bone graft done on my shin. They basically go in, file down the bone that is kind of sticking out away from the rest of the bone, fill in any splits in the bone, sew me back up and I'm done. I will have to wear a "bone stimulator" around my leg for six hours a day. Not really sure I know exactly what it is - I stopped listening at "expensive."

At first, I was told I will not be able to bear weight for 2 weeks and then will be on crutches for 8-10 weeks. Now, he is not sure, and he will let me know after he goes in and sees everything.

Monday, I have to go to the out-patient center at 5:45 AM! That might be the worst part about the whole thing. The surgery will begin at 7Am, and I should be home in the afternoon.

I am taking off one week from school (the week before spring break) and then will use spring break as another week to recover. After that, I will be back in the classroom, and depending on what the doctor says, I might be in a chair teaching for a few weeks or the rest of the semester.

That is the update for now, but I will be sure to keep posting all next week to let you all know how I am doing.

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