Thursday, January 6, 2011

I wish I was this funny all the time!

The first video I took a few nights ago. Mr. Darling found out that saying "ouch" made him laugh hysterically so I did for like an hour straight with him. Good thing I taped it too, cause as soon as Dad got home it wasn't funny anymore. Sorry to all of us teachers out there, you will have to watch this one at home since I am assuming you-tube is blocked.

This next one is of him standing last night. He now feels comfortable by himself standing with help on a piece of furniture.

Now we are taking it back.... WAY back. I forgot I never posted these on the blog so here you go! The first two of when Aidan is a week old trying out a pacifier. All he wants to do now with those things is chew on them like they are a toy.

This is another one of Aidan as a week old. Crazy how much he has changed in so many ways.

Last one is of Aidan when he is 3 weeks old finding his voice and can't figure out if he is mad or not.

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