Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Ice Storm 2010!

Well, last Thursday we got a huge ice storm here in Lawton, and then Friday it started to snow (not too much, but enough to stick and help keep the ice frozen in place!).

As of now, everything is starting to melt and hopefully we can start getting some of the debris out of our yard when it warms up- but it's too cold right now to go work outside!

This is our new house covered in all the ice.
As you can see, our cars are trapped in the driveway.

The view of the tree that kept us home-bound for a few days

It was really pretty though

Covering the driveway

Zach clearing a path so that I can go to work at the fitness center for 12 hours!

Still working....

What do you get in an ice storm?

Apparently, you get fed for the first time in our marriage!

With all the down time, and with us being home together at the SAME time, we actually had some meals together- crazy talk! Usually, I work or have class 'till 9 or 9:30 and usually on my day off, he always has a game that doesn't get over until 10- so eating together has become a rare occasion in our house.

So, I made buffalo pizza from SCRATCH- that's right, dough and everything. I had nothing better to do people!

It was actually really good- and I didn't kill the yeast (surprise, surprise!)

Well, as of now I am back in school and have been since Monday- but lucky Zach is still out of school today. This will be the completion of an entire week off of school. He had to take last Wednesday as a sick day and then he has been out ever since.

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