Monday, December 27, 2010

Christmas Morning Aidan Style

Miska Mouska Mickey Mouse! Aidan is an avid Mickey Mouse Clubhouse fan so Zach found him a little toy that talks to him. These are some Christmas morning pics!

Loving his stocking

Go Tigers!

Not sure why I forgot to rotate this one. But he apparently liked the baby food in his stocking.

More presents than Zach and I got ALL of Christmas :-)

Helping Dad with the wrapping paper

Too many toys!

Zach got a John Mayer DVD for Christmas...they both really liked it....

Jabba the Hut

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  1. i cant believe how big and old he is!!! what a stinkin cutie pie. i almost passed out at that one picture with your hubby's hand in the foreground because it looks like a giant's hand. hahaha