Wednesday, May 9, 2012

37 Week Dr. Update

WARNING:  The following update is a TMI update.

Went to the midwife yesterday and found that I am already 2-3 cm dilated and 50%effaced.  The baby is at a 0 station (extremely LOW).  I was so excited- and then went back and looked on my blog only to find out that this is about where I was with Aidan at this time- so potentially another 3 weeks is on the books, but hopefully not.  My goal is to make it through May 16th and then just use my days to finish out the year rather than take official maternity leave.

The midwife said that at the next visit she could strip my membranes.  I have heard of some people doing this (the goal is to help speed up labor since my body is already ready for it) and I got on to look at what it entails.  It is safe- just really uncomfortable.  They say that if it worked, the baby will come within 48 hours of having them stripped.  Still debating whether or not I should do it- I would love for him to get here next week, but just want to make sure that it is totally 100% safe.  If you have heard of anyone doing this (good or bad) let me know!!

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