Wednesday, May 23, 2012

39 weeks

 Went to the midwife last Wednesday and nothing new.  Still dilated the same (although she didn't mention how much I was effaced).  She stripped my membranes....and as you can see it didn't work because I am still pregnant!  Going back to her today to see if anything else has changed, but probably not...since I AM STILL PREGNANT!  Not really sure how he is even still in there- it must be pretty awesome to not want to leave.
39 weeks 1 day

In other news, we have gotten everything ready for the baby- but Aidan is still a little confused- he wants to play with all of it.  He about broke the vibrating/bouncy seat (I know for a fact he is WAY over the weight limit on that thing!)
Aidan with the boppy pillow- again, thinking it is for him :-)
Aidan has aspirations of becoming a Dr! haha!  He likes to put on Mr. Potato Head's glasses and wear his stethascope. 

And by the way, I swear our child wears clothes....sometimes.

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