Friday, December 11, 2009

6 Months and Many More

Ok, so I know I never post any pictures of myself or really of Zach on this blog but I hate taking pictures of just myself (I think that's weird) and then Zach HATES taking pictures in general, so between that combination and the fact that we aren't really doing anything picture-worthy is why you probably won't get any updated pictures of us until we go home for Christmas and someone forces Zach to take a picture with me!! So in the midst of this ramble, I have scattered some actual pictures that Zach and I are in.

Six Month dating anniversary picture

At Ally and Wes' Christmas Party

In Chattanooga enjoying our favorite city

So in a few days now- (but I am going out of town sooner than that so I have to start now) Zach and I will have been married for 6 months! :-) We will have known each other for 3 years 4 months and two days and will have been dating (including marriage time) for three years three months and seven days. Weird that I remember all this, I know- but I think its pretty noteworthy! The funny thing in all of this is that we will be four months pregnant next week technically (since you have to count before the baby was actually a baby). I know some think we are crazy, but we are excited about what God has put in our lives.

The engagement- this was actually staged later but a good ring shot nonetheless

Engagement pictures!
Zach always thought this one was corny but I loved it!

Engagement Pictures

In fact, our marriage, or relationship for that matter, has never been better than it has been since we found out we were going to have a baby. It would have been extremely easy for us to have freaked out in the midst of uncertainty and taken it out on each other, like we normally do! But actually, we have been so much more understanding of each other and much calmer in general. The fighting is now a general bicker (mostly over the fact that MJ needs to not chew on things) instead of the world wars that we used to have. We know that this is going to be quite the experience- and it will take both of us putting in the effort. What we need to make it through is to work together. And even though we have never discussed this, it has just happened naturally.

Engagement Pictures

At Ally and Wes' wedding

June 20, 2010
I married the love of my life

I know it is easy for newly married couples to say "divorce is just not an option for us," but it really isn't. Even when we were dating and things got rough- and then really terrible- the option of not ending up together was not really an option.

Wedding Day

Honeymoon on the Cruise!

Best Vacation Ever

We could not be more overjoyed about the new addition to our family. I know some think that we are crazy, but I think its a good crazy. We are young, but thousands of other people are too when they start families and to be honest I am tired of defending myself about how "ready" we are. We are ready, but I shouldn't have to worry about telling people that. This is what is happening so jump on board or jump right off- it's up to you. You won't get any more excuses about our age or the amount of months we have been married. We are in a great place in our marriage and could not be happier.


Tender ride to Grand Caymans

At one of the shows on the boat

Can't wait for many many more months of marriage and motherhood. I wouldn't have it any other way!

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