Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Weekend of Coaching and MJ

The past week hasn't been too hectic. I ended up having Friday night off and went to Zach's 9th grade and JV game. He won his 9th grade game by 15 and everyone got to play! woohoo! Then his JV team played Wichita Falls Varsity team and was actually winning at the half 34-32. In the last two minutes though they made like 4 turnovers in a row (Zach was super happy) and ended up losing by 5 or 6. They did well for playing against a bunch of juniors and seniors.

I worked it out so that I could have Monday night off and go see his 9th grade team play and they were up by about 20 or so and then in order to get everybody in he had to start subbing at 4 min left in the 4th quarter so they ended up only winning by about ten or so.

He is much calmer than I thought he would be. He never really talks to the refs (the occasional "seriously" look is about it). He prefers to keep reminding his players that they can always take a seat next to him when they are walking, don't have hands up, being lazy in general, etc. He does a great job and loves what he does!

I had a great picture of Zach during a full time out- but considering the fact that there was no memory card in the camera- no one will ever see it. So make due with the awesomeness that is MJ.

The life of luxury
By the way mom- he opened your present that was under the tree! haha! (and then he ate my shoe...grrr)

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