Thursday, December 24, 2009

Christmas Break!

Finally back in Lawton and back to working at the fitness center, which means I can use my useless hours of boredom and work on the blog! Unfortunately, according to the only documentation that I have, you would think that Zach and I have shunned my family- so not the case- but no one took pictures at my house!

On the 22nd we found out that we are having a BOY!! Best Christmas gift ever!

Christmas Eve we spent with the Darlings. We went to church, came back and had a great dinner and opened lots of presents. There is a total of nine people in the family now- crazy!

The first night we got to Zach's parents house

The Darling Boys

First "Real" Christmas

The Whole Family

Mistletoe Kisses

Aaron getting kisses from the girls (and Zach is apparently one of the "girls" now)

Whoa Baby Bump....


A "Darling University" Onesie! So Cute!

Priceless Jake
We spent Christmas Day with my family at my Mom's house. Married and pregnant and still stuck at the Kiddie Table! Fabulous! Ally, Wes, Tracy, Eston, Zach, and I will forever be a fixture of the Kiddie Table and Wall of Silence (the "adults" apparently can't hear us when we are five feet away). Ed and Susan were AMAZING enough to bring us lots of goodies like a car seat and a baby swing.
Zach left the day after Christmas to head back to Lawton (which was under feet of snow at this point- I always miss the snow. I go to Atlanta and it snows in Lawton. I come back to Lawton and it snows in Atlanta? What the heck!?)
I stayed back with my mom for a few days who was going to help my drive back to Lawton in the truck. On the 27th Ally and Wes and I went up to Dad's and had Christmas there. We got to meet the new "puppy" of the family- Shelby. I say "puppy" because she is apparently like 12 years old or something. He adopted her from a shelter. In Wes' words "Only you (my dad) would get a dog on its last leg."
Zach and I have never spent a New Years together- ever! Basketball has always seemed to take that holiday away even now. No kisses on New Years Eve, but it seems to be working for us so far! Ate dinner at the Cheesecake Factory- yummy! Mom and I literally watched the ball drop and said "alright, turn off the tv it's bedtime!" amidst the gunshots- in College Park people prefer to shoot weapons rather than shoot fireworks. We curled up with all three doggies- Rocky, MJ, and Erk and went to bed.
On the 1st we drove to Memphis! It was such a great visit, and we got to see lots of family. MJ made friends with Stephanie's new dog JJ and we got to see everyone from Jeff and his family to CB and Tommy to the rest of the Memphis local clan. It was so much fun! We left on the 3rd to head to Lawton and then Mom flew back to Atlanta on the 4th- and now here I am back at the Fitness Center working.
Zach and I are working on moving into our new house! Updates on that later! The last renter left it a mess, so I have been cleaning all day long for the past few days to get it ready to move stuff in hopefully this weekend!

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