Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Family Diaries

Last Saturday Zach, Aidan and I went to Centennial Olympic Park and then to the Coke Museum on a whim. It was so much fun to get OUT of the house and do something different.

Again, I am a bad mom and forgot the camera so you have a couple bad quality cell phone pictures. Our goal as of last week is to completely change our lifestyle. We aim to turn OFF the tv, get out and about, and enjoy life. Now that volleyball is over (we lost last weekend in area to Rockdale and then Flowery Branch) I have lots of free time to spend with the fam!

Aidan and Zach. Aidan is already trying to get a drink of coke :-)

On the way to the Centennial Park. Aidan likes to use hands AND feet to hold books and read like a big boy! He's advanced!
At the park we tried to find me and Ally's bricks- no chance. We checked every brick in section 127- I think they lied to us!!!
Then we went to Chow Baby in Atlanta off of 11th st. - AMAZING!!! It was so good. If you haven't eaten there, you should!!

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