Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Greek Columns

Earlier this year when we were learning about Greece and Rome in World History I stole an awesome idea from my Dad about creating Greek columns. I know that teachers love to steal ideas from as many people as they can- so I am putting this up to maybe help out some World History teachers out there. It was a great idea and they had SOOO much fun doing it.

You give each group of 2 students 4 sheets of computer paper and 4 pieces of tape and tell them to make Greek columns.

They will start making them really tall but will learn quickly that this won't work.

The best columns are the shortest and thickest.

I let them do their demonstrations on my desk.

This group thought about weight displacement which usually helps them stack more

This group had my second highest number of books. They got 44 World History books stacked

An even better picture of how high they go.
It will make a HUGE crashing sound when it falls so be careful that no one is standing where it is leaning!!

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