Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Pictures and Sleep News

Sorry for not sharing the wealth sooner!

Aidan news! We go back to the Dr. next week to get a regular check up. He is 5 months old tomorrow!!! What?!? He is now sleeping through the night. Last week he was getting up about every 3 hours like a newborn so Zach and I talked about it - and decided that we needed to let him cry it out. The first night we did he woke up at three, and we let him cry for a bit. He was back asleep by 3:10 and didn't wake up the rest of the night. The next night he slept from 7:30 pm to 8 am and has been sleeping 12 hours at a time from then on. I feel like I should be on a Staple's commercial.... "That was easy!" So we never really had to experience the "agony" of letting him cry it out. Thank goodness!

Excitement about our new toy!!

The family Bible being used in a different way....

Scarecrow arms! He won't put them down. No matter what he is doing he keeps them out just like that!

He's posing for the camera

I'm sorry- is that blonde hair?? Where did you come from?

Praying and NOT smiling. Every time we pull the camera out and he sees it, he stops doing whatever we want to take a picture of.

Already staring at the football

Not sure if eating the football is going to make him millions of dollars- but it's a start....

How precious is this?!?


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  1. cannot even belive he is 5 months old! and such an adorable chunk. is that a lil' yellow jacket shirt i see? he is going to have such collegiate confusion!