Tuesday, April 20, 2010

34 weeks 4 days and a Nursery Teaser

Sorry for missing a belly-post last week. The past few weeks have been crazy hectic between school and volleyball. Now, they will slow down until the first week of May when I have exams (even then, it won't be too bad- most of my classes are pretty easy in the test department)
34 weeks 4 days
It's amazing how much it changed in 2 weeks

I am still waiting on two very important nursery items- a rocker and a "must-have" picture that Zach wanted in the baby's room. So until then, I am not going to post any nursery pictures because then I would have to do it all over again once we finished it. But, I did want to show you guys a few of the super cute things that we do have in there.

This is from Zach's brother Jake and his wife Hannah.
It folds up into a basketball.

But, it opens up into a little chair.
Our little man's first recliner :-)

The basketball rug finally came in from Babies R Us the other day. It's so cute!

Not that we are shoving basketball down our little man's throat or anything, but it is such a cute nursery! If he doesn't want to play sports when he grows up that is totally fine, so long as he is putting his effort into something 100%. But for now, we can send him subliminal messages.... or very overt messages! haha


  1. That recliner is too cute! ~ Where did they find that!? I can't wait to see the whole nursery, I'm sure it will be "darling"!

  2. She actually got it at Homegoods in Savannah, GA- I absolutely love it- it's so cute!