Friday, April 2, 2010

The Peace of Westphalia

Almost 3 years ago, I brought home a little puppy to live at Zach's apartment while we were in college. Cutest little thing in the whole world. He was a 3 month old rescue and scared of his own shadow.

With that little smooshy face, how could you not spoil him rotten?

But now, he is almost three and still acting too much like a puppy. He gets into things all the time and he has it has turned into a strain on the marriage. Zach was never a big fan of dogs in the first place- he just never grew up with one, so it's not his fault that he sees dogs as "dogs" and not as mini-children like I always have. So when MJ is inside all day and gets into things it turns into "it's me or the dog." Zach's solution: outside dog 24/7. I am pretty sure my heart would break into a million pieces if I had to make him sleep outside. I'm sure he could handle it (maybe), but I'm not so sure that I could!

Never again will you see Zach holding MJ like he did when he was a puppy
1st of all he is too big now, and 2nd of all Zach is not a big dog "lover"
This picture was totally staged and Zach had no choice

Our marriage is too important to let MJ be the catalyst for a fight so it was necessary to find some sort of peace agreement and compromise.

And never again will you catch MJ in the bed.
Oh the things they can get away with when they are puppies....

So, back to the title- I'm a history nerd and the Peace of Westphalia was the first of the real peace treaty of the modern world. Before that, wars and treaties were decided based on religion. This treaty ended the 30 years war and was decided based on what was best for the state and had nothing to do with religion- so a total reconstruction of communication and diplomacy.

So now, Zach and I have started with our whole new reconstruction of communication and diplomacy by actually stopping the continuous dog fights and coming to an agreement- crazy talk!

So here's the fruits of our peace treaty- massive doggie jail (not a derogatory phrase- that's just what we have always called his kennel)- so now he has the whole kitchen to himself.

He is outside all day and comes in at night when we are home and stays in the kitchen. He has his bed and toys in there now. It is an easy floor to clean, and there is not much he can get into unless he learns to open the cabinets by himself (which I really wouldn't put it past him to figure out- he is a little doggie genius when it comes to figuring out how to get into trouble).

The weather has been great until this morning. A huge thunderstorm came through so we had to leave him in the kitchen. I think he was a little disappointed- He has really enjoyed being outside for a majority of the day. He has his dog house and bed out there with water (although he prefers to move aside all of the nice wood chips that Zach put out and sit right in the dirt- awesome- did I mention it's great cause the kitchen floor is easy to clean?!)

It was important for me that MJ begin this transition as soon as possible so that he doesn't associate his new digs with the new baby. So hopefully by the time baby D gets here, MJ will be fully transitioned. The first couple nights he barked and whined 'cause he wasn't at the foot of our bed- but the past few nights have been great and he has been really quiet- even when I get up to go to the bathroom.

So hopefully the puppy wars are over. Stay tuned....

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