Wednesday, May 5, 2010

36 Weeks 5 days!

No picture today- sorry. I'm still huge-hasn't changed!

Went to the Dr. this afternoon at 36 weeks 5 days. I have been getting more and more contractions lately (nothing painful at all, I really don't even feel them except for the tightness in my stomach so I wasn't worried). But, because he has dropped and because I wanted to know, I asked the nurse if the Dr. was going to check me today. She said "no, the Dr. probably won't check you until about 39 weeks." So I asked the Dr. if she could check me today because of all of the contractions I have been having and she said sure.

After the nurse left I looked at Zach and said - "39 weeks? I might have already had the baby by the time she gets around to checking me!"

Sure enough- 2 cm dilated and 50% effaced. The Dr. seemed so surprised that I was that far along. Um, yeah I have been trying to tell you people that this is what I'm feeling! He is trying to escape! She said if he starts bearing down on the cervix I could go into labor any time. But, some people sit at 2 cm for a few weeks- so who knows! Either way she was pretty sure that I won't make it until my due date.

She did tell me that I am not allowed to have him this weekend because she will be out of town. To which I said, I have an exam on Friday so I at least need to make it until then.

Soooo- starting Saturday I will do lots more walking and eating lots more spicy food and might hit up the Olive Garden for Eggplant Parmesan.

But, now I'm stressed with getting everything ready! Geez- I'm not even full term yet. The baby clothes have been washed and put away and I will be pissed if he is a big baby (not only because I want to go natural- but because he has so many cute newborn clothes that I don't want him to skip to the next size up!). The car is in the process of being cleaned out completely (we still need to install the car seat). Baby D's bag is packed, Zach's bag is packed, and mine is packed (except I need some pants- but waiting on the laundry to be done to finish that up). The room is ready. The house is relatively clean (good enough). So now we wait.....

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  1. DOOOOOODE you are so lucky. 2 cm dialated 2 days before full term. that is freaking ideal. and i bet he'll only be 6-7 lbs if you go 3 weeks early. totally recipe for natural success! once you hit 37 weeks, get on the trampoline!!! you are gonna rock him out, girl