Thursday, May 13, 2010

The doctor has been "delayed".....

No picture again- sorry for slacking. Maybe tomorrow....

Well, on Monday I got a call at about 4:55 pm from the docotor's office (we had an appt. on Tues.) We were informed that our doctor has been "delayed" in California and will have to cancel all of her Tues. appointments. "Delayed"...hmmmm... extended vacation??

So I asked when is the next time we could get in. She answered with "umm, Friday. Friday the 21st."

"The 21st?? almost two weeks from now? I am supposed to be seeing her weekly at this point." What I should have said, but I didn't- Don't I get some sort of priority here? I'm about to pop a baby out.

She told me to call on Wednesday and see if the Doctor had opened up any more appointment time because "surely" she would.

Well I called back and low and behold she had NOT opened up any more appointments and was still going to take a half-day on Thursday. Really?? The front desk lady did get me an appointment on Friday and apparently that time is triple booked so I will expect a looong wait time.

So hopefully I will have good news tomorrow and that good news will balance out the anger that I will have from waiting for hours in the waiting room.

As of right now, I am having plenty of painLESS contractions which serve no purpose. I keep saying I just want some pain with these things!!! I know I might regret that statement, but I figure it is going to happen anyway, so why not today right?

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