Monday, May 24, 2010

39 weeks and a Big MOVE

Hello to all! Sorry for the lack of posting lately. You would think that among the extreme boredom of playing the waiting game I would have some time- but it's a little more depressing to not have any noteworthy news. And sorry for my computer not spacing everything the way I want it to- it seems to have a mind of its own today. I promise I do know how to form a paragraph.

38 weeks

39 weeks 3 days
The red and sweaty face is from my "get out of my belly" walk with MJ this morning. A combination of sunburn and 50 lbs overweight-out-of-shape-ness.
Last Friday we went to the Dr. and I was a "good" 3 cm and 80% effaced. Then she proceeded to ask me "how are you still pregnant??" Well, that's a good question. She thought for sure Saturday or Sunday I would go into labor. After we left, I said- I am not getting my hopes up. Good thing cause there is still a baby in my belly. So now we just wait some more....
We do have some noteworthy news though that has nothing to do with the baby. Zach and I are moving back to Atlanta within the month. I know we are crazy for attempting this with a newborn- but so far we just really like to do things the most difficult way possible! haha. I have accepted the head vball coaching job and a history teaching position at Heritage High School in Conyers, GA and Zach is going to be the asst. varsity and head JV bball coach at Dunwoody High School. We are super excited to get back to Georgia with all the relatives. And, even though it was a hard decision, we know it is what's best for our family. So, we could potentially be moving with a 2 week old if he decides to cook for that long. Awesome!! Since our parents are super-amazing we will be staying with them in July so that we don't have to rush into making a decision on where to live and what place to live in. God has really put everything out on the table for us and has really answered our prayers so we couldn't say no to the opportunity.


  1. frig! lost my comment. let's try again. AHHHHHHH yay for brave moving. luckily the drive with a teeny tiny will be way easier than it would a few months from now. this way maybe i can dream of actually getting my hands on your lil man sometime! also, what a difference 10 days makes in a belly. i will say "your baby is huge" because YOU, my dear are certainly not. aside from the belly you look totally fit and adorable and normal. ok back to stalking in the shadows for your hospital departure.

  2. I just wanted to say congrats on the move! That's so exciting for you guys, and your little one, and your families! I know that this was something that you really wanted. And as one who moved far far away, only to come right back home sooner than planned-it's worth it, it's so worth it!