Tuesday, September 15, 2009


This is our new apartment that we moved into in July. Many of you haven't seen it, so I figured I
would post the pics.

This is the outside
of our apartment

As you enter the door,
you go straight up a flight
of stairs- pretty exciting when
the washer and dryer connections
are on the 3rd floor!

The seating area
has already changed since we took this picture. We rearranged to make it look like we have some more room. Unfortunately due to the changes, MJ is out of a "Gladys" position.

This is our downstairs- even
though it has changed
a bit.

This is our blue blue blue bathroom.

This is our guest bedroom. The dresser and desk are now painted white-
thanks mom! And we now have some awesome curtains hanging in there
too- again, thanks mom!

This is another view
of the guest room.

Entering me and Zach's room-
protection provided by lethal killer MJ

"The Reading Area"
Never used- just looks good.
Now covered in laundry.

We moved the bed around
since the picture. And we
bought curtains months ago
and have not hung them up yet
- oops.

Good thing
we have huge
closets because
my clothes
would not
all fit in here!

Forgot the
Small, but it
does the job!

This is where MJ sits every time I am in the bathroom doing laundry, showering, etc. Watchdog is on guard!

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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  1. that's IKEA malm series! our whole bedroom is that too! in brown