Monday, September 21, 2009

A busy, busy week!

So Thursday night we played Midwestern at Midwestern in Wichita Falls, TX. Our best outside hitter went down and tore her mcl, lcl, acl, and miniscus. She did a pretty good job on it- but our other outside hitter was already out with a hamstring strain, so the line-up was pretty crazy and we got beat in 4.

Friday I left for NCTC Gainesville to go recruit some JuCo kids! I left bright and early and watched volleyball all day.

Starting off the trip and then coming home with a gorgeous sunset in the foreground. It is so awesome to drive on these open roads and see how pretty everything is!

On my way there I hit the Pioneer Festival Parade setup in Henrietta, TX. Everyone was starting to line the streets for the parade. Makes you wish you lived in a small town like that. You can celebrate everything!

After work, Zach came down and met me so we could go eat at Babes! Lot's of fried chicken, green beans, mashed potatoes, and corn! I felt sick afterwards :(

Best food ever!

Zach stayed down in Dallas to go meet up with Chris Webb so that they could leave early the next morning for the Georgia Arkansas game in Fayetteville, AR.

By the way- when did UGA get so fat?

Zach and Chris at the Game

Back at home, Dad got in that night at Midnight for the weekend. The next day he got to watch us play Oklahoma City University and Arkansas Fort Smith. We split on the day, but we play Arkansas Fort Smith on Tuesday for some revenge.
This is Aggie Gym- where we play all of our home games!

Zach got home on Sunday from an awesome trip to watch Arkansas get beat!! Dad left this morning to go back to Georgia- sad to see him go :(

And the week starts all over again!~

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  1. the game was great man just like old times i got your bag from the phi-mu house so text me and ill mail it. Stay up my dood