Monday, September 14, 2009

No More False Advertising in Omaha

Last Time I was in Omaha with Ally

Ok, so the last time I was in Omaha it was -27 degree windchill at Convention last December. Awful. At convention they had this awesome booklet- however, it had pictures of a green Omaha which equals false advertising. Well apparently, it does not snow in Omaha year round- thank God. I prefer warmer weather- hence why I live in Oklahoma now. Can't imagine what I would have done if I took the job in South Dakota! AH!

Anyways, the girls went 3-1 in Omaha this weekend against Minnesota State Moorhead, Southern Indiana, Drury, and Missouri S&T. They played awesome even though we had some crazy line up changes due to injuries. Currently we are 10-2 and start conference this week on Thursday against Midwestern. If you want to read more about the weekend then you can click here.

See Ally- Omaha is Green!

We were gone from Thursday to Sunday, so I am glad to be back at home for the next week or so. Zach and I are going down Friday to Texas to recruit (I am tagging him along- but he will only be happy if we go eat at Babe's!)

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  1. No way is Omaha green! I am still frozen from last year's trip. Great picture