Tuesday, November 17, 2009

And the Nesting Begins.....

So- we are at 12 weeks now and already nesting! Zach and I went to Oklahoma City this past Sunday 'cause unless you want to shop at Walmart you need to leave Lawton. So we hit up the Babies R' Us and Target (the love of my life). At Babies R' Us we were getting a little worried because the cribs that were all decorated and set up like a little tiny Ikea room were all upwards of $300. Well let's get real- considering the fact that we are too cheap to even buy ourselves bed (headboard and footboard- I promise we do sleep on mattresses!- with sheets and everything!) we cannot pay that much for a crib. We found one in the back of the crib section up on a shelf that was perfect and totally in our price range. Although I was a little nervous 'cause I couldn't "see in the crib" so I "didn't know what I was buying" (I was too short!)- to which Zach asked "why does it matter? you like the way the outside looks"- touche. So we bought it and of course Mr. matchy had to get the matching changing table.

Here is the crib- can't buy any sheets or decorations until we know what we are having- so now it just holds all the junk that was on the desk that we had to move into the closet. And of course since it is totally going to be a little girl I put the pink bunny in there too! haha- Zach LOVED that since he has already picked out the sheet set he wants if it's a boy. As you continue reading you will learn that Zach should be on a home decorating show- at least he thinks he should be! He loves "decorating"!

This is the matchy changing table and the chest that we already had so it all goes perfect! Again, Zach informed me about the changing table that we can "dress it up with some of those baskets" (he means fabric baskets). My man is officially losing his man card! ha! The chest also holds lots of decoration stuff that was in the old room- we will save that for a later date!

Zach really wants to buy a glider as his present for me in the new room (probably because he really wants one!) But, this is the corner that we will put it in minus the double bed mattress and box springs. The cute little chair in the picture unfortunately will meet its end with the dumpster here in a few days. We bought it in July for ten bucks at a consignment shop. Unfortunately it no longer stands up by itself- hence the reason it is leaning up against the bed.

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