Monday, November 9, 2009

Three's Company

News to some and old hat to others- Zach and I are going to have a baby! Today I went to have my first ultrasound and what we thought was 10 weeks 6 days. According to the development of the baby I am 11 weeks 3 days. So either baby is really big (thanks Zach) or I just got my date wrong. This puts us at either May 28, 2010 or June 1, 2010 for a due date- not that it really matters because it will come whenever it pleases!

And yes I know the pictures say Shawn Daring- I promise my name is really Darling- we did not fool any of you. She just misspelled my name and didn't know until the very end.

The baby is just over 2 inches long and had a normal baby heartbeat of 173. Everything looks great!

This is when baby finally gave up on moving and squirming and wore himself out. He laid his little hand on his head- he was apparently exhausted and she finally got the heart rate.


  1. so when you say "he", you haven't found out the sex yet have you?

  2. congratulations! you'll have a baby on your first brave folks! june 1 was judah's due date and he's a keeper. so happy for you!

  3. No we haven't found out yet- still too early. We do plan on finding out but that won't be until January.

    Thanks Keight!

  4. Zach & Shawn,
    Congratulations! You will make great parents. I hope basketball is still going well. Good luck.

    Coach Clark

    PS. You should ignore my blog. Its just something I did for a class. Nerdy stuff!