Monday, November 30, 2009

Home Sweet Home

A few weeks ago I got the awesome opportunity to Buddy Pass it back to the ATL to see the family. It was a great couple of days. Worked for my Mom at Woodward for a few days to make some extra cash. I figured since I was going to be there anyway I might as well get paid to hang out! Too bad I ended up having to do detention one afternoon. The first visit I have ever paid to detention....I had no idea what any of us were supposed to be doing! I did manage to tell them at the end that that was the most boring forty-five minutes of my life and I blame each and every one of them for that pain. Man, I can't wait to get back to the classroom and torture poor high school souls with sarcasm. I love it! Thursday night I got to catch up with a few of the Darling clan at Everybody's pizza. Friday we went to go see The Blind Side- amazing movie and I recommend that everyone go see it! Saturday we did lots of shopping- I found a brand new pack 'n play for 50$ woo-hoo! And we got Mom and Ally's Christmas tree. Saturday night we had dinner at Ally and Wes' with Mom, Dad, Courtney, Keith, and Avery- so much fun! Except I kept falling asleep on the couch. This pregnant lady is tired!

Look at those trees!!!! So pretty!!

Ally's dog Erk- sulking in the car because I didn't bring his boyfriend MJ. Trust me, I would have brought him if I could!

Look at that face. I know he looks cute but he is actually the spawn of satan. Haha

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