Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Pink Out Success!

The Pink Out was a success last Thursday night- not only did we win but we also raised $125 in profit for Breast Cancer Research.

Carnations from Flowerama on Cache Blvd.

The team in their Cameron Aggies T-Shirts

Each girl normally throws out a white ball during announcements- but we got pink ones for the occasion.

The team during a huddle- picture courtesy of Zach Darling professional photographer

SOOO... if we win on Thursday and Saturday there is still a chance that we can end up 7th or 8th in conference. There are 14 teams in conference and only 8 get to go to the tournament. So these next two games are huge! My lovely mom is coming in town for those two games and will get to see us play.

Zach has a million scrimmages coming up so wish him luck! Unfortunately that means that he won't be able to come to our last two games.

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