Monday, March 29, 2010

Proof that My Husband Lives Here + a PregPic

I came home the other day to the house looking like a bachelor pad and it made me laugh. Zach recently got a projector and apparently the wall is just not good enough. So, he found two coat hangers and a sheet out of the closet (it was news to me that he even knew how to use a hanger!)

At least he is creative right?

Xbox controller and headset. Blanket and pillow. And, somehow a flip-flop on the coffee table? Hey, at least it is clean! He vacuumed the other day and took out all the trash and boxes so I can't complain.

31 weeks 3 days
I feel like the energizer bunny in stomach size- not in energy. It just keeps going and going.

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  1. i thought you meant energizer bunny because it looks like you're holding a big drum out in front of you! p.s. you are NOT huge for 31 weeks and you look aweomse