Wednesday, March 3, 2010

2 Days till 3rd Trimester!

Nothing much exciting has happened lately- but I figure a picture update is blog-worthy. Our upcoming news is MUCH more exciting!

We have a John Mayer concert coming up, Dr.'s appointment, a recruiting trip in Dallas, working with the insurance company, and coming back to Atlanta next week!

27 weeks 5 days
He is up very high right now. I'm ready for him to start dropping a little since I feel like he is a part of my rib cage :-)

Dr. Appointment- set for this Friday. I get to do all of my fun testing like drinking the nasty glucose stuff. I have been warned to hold my nose and turn off the taste buds (wish that was possible!)

I have been working with Western Claims on getting everything settled. We have sent them pictures and the estimate and are in the process of getting a rental car for next Friday when we make the long trek back to Atlanta. We had originally planned to take the truck- but as you all know that won't be possible because it will be in the shop for weeks. We will be taking it in to B&M Friday March 12 and plan on leaving for Atlanta that same day after school. SO- we need a rental car and good news- we don't have to pay for it! I love free stuff- a rental car with better gas mileage and putting miles on someone else's car? Too good to be true.

Zach is starting to not feel very well- that's what you get for not getting your flu shots! So hopefully he will be able to turn it around in the next couple of days and start feeling better!

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