Friday, March 26, 2010

Georgia Baby Shower!

Proof that Ally is skinnier than me!

Alright, let's rub it in some more!

My favorite girls! Taylor, Ashley, Ally (and Tracy taking the pictures)

How cute is that?!
We might not let him wear it out though- we don't want him pickin' up the ladies too early

Thank you JoJo!

This kid will never run out of clothes! No, seriously....

All things sports! Yay!

The best hostesses!

Ally, Me, and Mom

"I want to feel him kick" - Mom in an annoyed voice. "Sorry, I will make sure to schedule that for you next time"- Me in a sarcastic voice :-)

Thank you to everyone who came or gave Baby Darling a gift- we truly appreciate it! It is so generous of everyone to want to help and we cannot thank you guys enough. And, it was great to see everyone again!!

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