Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Freak Snow and Mentors

Friday afternoon Zach and I crossed the Arkansas/Oklahoma line and were greeted with 70 degree weather- awesome! Then we were listening to the radio say that we were supposed to get 2-3 inches of snow tomorrow... ummm, what?? Zach had to drive straight down to Dallas to work a PrimeTime basketball tournament for the weekend so I was in Lawton all by my lonesome. Sure enough, Saturday morning snow was here.

I love this rental car!

The weather was a little ridiculous. It was snowing but the wind made the snow travel horizontally. The wind was probably going 100 mph (ok exaggeration, but it was really bad)

Our house

I am convinced that MJ will single-handedly kill this tree. This is the ONLY place he pees in our yard.

But today it is back to the low 70s. Oklahoma is so weird....

As for the mentor.... now I know where my dog learned to get on the furniture. I woke up one morning at my mom's house over break to Rocky being utterly disturbed that I wanted him to move. I'm still not even sure how he gets his fat butt up there considering he has two torn ACLs in his back legs.

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