Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Pic Update and Sneaky Dogs that Can't be Trusted!

28 weeks 5 days

Well as of lately, we have been returning home to some "wet spots" on our couch. Not sure if anyone else's dog does this- but ours likes to pick one spot on his bed, on the floor, or apparently on the couch and lick it over and over and over and over again. Weirdo. This is the only evidence that we have of him getting on the couches while we are gone- because when we come home he is always sitting like he is in the picture below.....

Who me?
I've been here the whole time....

Then he gets yelled at and gives me the evil eye. Typical of the terrible two's. Or I guess in dog years, typical of the terrible teens! aahh! What I have to look forward to with baby darling- awesome.

So- I have given in.
I can't keep him off the couches but I sure as heck can protect them from his slobber.

So- please.... if you want to come to my house. Either do not judge me for the mess or give me a few minutes to clean up before you come!

I have gotten used to the idea of not having a perfectly clean house. I'm not exactly a neat freak anyway, but I would rather have the joy of having my terrible teen puppy than have a spotless house. Zach might disagree with me on that one though!

I always remember the stories my mom would tell about going to visit her grandmothers. One was very high-maintenance with knick-knacks all over her spotless house. My mom would talk about how they didn't enjoy going because they were always in trouble for being too loud and wild. She never wanted her things to be in jeopardy of being ruined by young kids. Her other grandmother lived on a farm in the middle-of-nowhere Mississippi with no running water or central air/heat. They always loved going to visit her because they could just be kids and run around and have fun without worrying about ruining anything.

I guess it's the same- I would rather have the joy of having my dogs and later my kids have fun (with certain limitations of course!) than have a spotless house. I've given up the battle of keeping it clean!

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