Monday, March 1, 2010

Winna Update!

Earlier in February, I posted that I won a CD from a blog giveaway from Keight Dukes on her blog Put Up Your Dukes. I was so excited because I NEVER win anything!! Now she is doing a giveaway for a gorgeous jewelry roll that she made- you should get on and check it out! (Which Keight, I believe I can now add an extra post because I just linked back to your blog- sweet! killing two birds with one stone here!)

The CD was Ryan Kiesshauer's and it was awesome! It is Christian worship music and I really loved it. All of the songs were really good, but I loved the piano/acoustic guitar duo in Not The End. To sum it up: It's not hard rock like Red and its not alternative like Reliant K and Hawk Nelson. It is a chill and beautiful worship CD. It has lots of acoustic guitar songs- which I love!! (Mom- you would absolutely love this CD too.)If you would like to sample songs or BUY the CD you can visit the website

It is pretty awesome so I definitely recommend it!- and it's only 10 dollars!

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  1. wow girlie face, you have done us proud x10 million! thanks for the awesome review and the backlink to the jewelry roll. technically, you need to leave a separate comment saying that you posted about the giveaway to get another you can do that if you wanna be a star student (but i'll let it slide either way). cant wait to see your sweet baby boy! love ya!