Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Beginnings of a New Nursery and a New Outlook on Life

Update on everything!

Truck: Well, it turns out it is about 4,000 dollars worth of damages (or worth of fixing really). The labor and parts cost more than the damage done to the truck! Waiting to hear back from the guy's insurance company- a local Lawton insurance company. Hopefully, that is not going to be a bad thing.

26 weeks 5 days

Goodbye arms- my cut college athlete arms have been replaced by mom arms- sweet! The goal is to get them back along with a smaller waste-line and then try to get rid of my toddler-like chubby cheeks (courtesy of the pregnancy fat face) once Baby Darling gets here. I plan on going through our summer work-outs that we give our team and come back in (having had a baby) and still kick all of our players' butts. Stay tuned...

Goodbye feet. Getting to the point where vision of my feet has become a little bit harder.

But- most importantly! The beginnings of a nursery...... I know I have a baby shower coming up, and some people are visual people (allyson!) So, here are the nursery plans....

This is what it looks like as you enter the doorway
A glider will go in the far corner in between the swing and the small side table.
We both know that the swing will migrate out into the living room once our addition arrives, but for now it can stay in the baby room.

The gorgeous dresser that my poppy fixed up for me and ally when we were babies (and now repainted by my mom to match the baby furniture) is where all of the newborn clothes will go. Zach and I got a few little things at babies r us (my valentine's present was a baby shopping spree- woohoo! I had so much fun! :-)

Eventually the car seat will be moved into our cars and so the corner between the changing table and the dresser will be for the diaper genie (which better work its genie magic!) and perhaps the hamper.

The changing pad cover and diaper stacker are so cute! Underneath the changing table will be some storage bins for all things baby and then up top will either be pictures or more storage bins because mom has already taken over the baby closet. (I have too many clothes and shoes to share a closet with Zach- sue me!)

As you can see, the crib is totally functional. It holds lots of things- we will just have to move those things out once the baby gets here or he can just sleep on the floor with MJ. Totally kidding, don't turn me in to child services yet! The little hamper by the door is either going to be for dirty clothes or for toys.

Thank you Ally for the cute little picture frame- Baby Darling's pic has been put in the frame (although I probably could have left the other one in there- it looked like the exact same picture!...weird)

Grammy, the license plate matches the colors of the room perfectly and we are definitely going to put it up on the wall so Baby Darling will remember Papa. Now all we need is a big FORD sign!

With all of the money that goes along with all things baby, it is easy to get overwhelmed and stressed- "how are we going to pay for this" or potential job stress for next year (I will not be able to work in the fitness center because of the hours- so we will lose that section of money). So to ease our fears and stress, God called us out on Sunday.

Philippians 4:6-7 Do not be anxious about anything, but in everything, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God. And the peace of God, which transcends all understanding, will guard your hearts and your minds in Christ Jesus.

This was part of our Sunday school lesson and God totally called us out- especially me- by saying "seriously? you don't control anything, I do, remember? I will provide- you just need to sit back and chill out." I'm sure he said it just like that :-)

So, a new outlook on life: I will stop worrying. Everything will work out just how God wants it, whether that's the way we want it or not. He will provide, and my efforts to control every aspect of everything are futile anyway- so stop worrying!!! Easier said than done- but that is my goal- especially over the next few months.

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