Wednesday, February 10, 2010

25 Weeks and Counting...

Well technically today I am 24 weeks and 6 days- but close enough. I figured I would post with the doctor's appointment I had today. We just saw the R.N. today because my doctor was called for jury duty! haha. I'm pretty sure that they should let her off the hook- I mean she kind of has a good excuse- "I deliver babies for a living, and they aren't exactly going to hold off their arrival because I'm on jury duty."

24 weeks 5 days

At our appointment, everything went well. I am measuring 25". It is generally supposed to reflect the number of weeks you have been pregnant- so I am on track. Baby's heart rate was 150, which is very good! Next time up, I have the glucose screening test (YUM!) and more blood work.

24 weeks 5 days

Sleeping has been a catastrophe lately. I have restless leg syndrome (which appears in like 20% of pregnant women- good news is that it goes away after the baby is born!) so I can never get comfortable. Poor Zach is having to deal with me tossing and turning and getting up and going to the bathroom, too. God's way of saying you two won't be sleeping for the next few years of your lives, get used to it!

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  1. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment! We love being back home but every so often I just wonder what would have happened had we ventured off on our own for a little longer than we did. But no matter what, we love being within an hour or so of all of our family.

    Hope you're enjoying OK-I'm sure it's really different from what you're used to in Georgia!

    And congrats on the little one-what a wonderful time for your family!