Monday, February 22, 2010

Fender Bender

Well this weekend was pretty nice and uneventful until..... Sunday afternoon. Zach and I went out to eat at after church and then I dropped him off at the house so I could go get some more hangers at Walmart (because we have WAY too many clothes). So I took his truck and on the way, there was a light that was blinking red- which means stop sign! So I slowed to a stop like a NORMAL person would do....

You can't really tell in this picture but the bumper is resting on the exhaust pipes= not good

And then I got hit from behind by a big Dodge truck (equivalent to an F-250. Not sure what dodge calls it). It scared the crap out of me because he hit me really hard and knocked me forward. It wasn't bad enough to deploy the airbags or anything, but it hurt my back being whipped forward. It's ok today, just a little sore.

The guy was really nice and apologetic. He was very adamant that it was totally his fault because he was not paying attention. After dealing with all of that, you think to yourself- if only I had gone inside to go to the bathroom first. Or, if only I had gone down Gore instead of Ferris. All these things go through your head. Even if it wasn't my fault at all, this is still something that we have to deal with and put time into.

But then you think- well, if I had decided to take my little car instead, it probably would have been annihilated by his big truck. I could have actually been hurt and the car could have been totaled which would have been the worst thing ever! Zach's truck is pretty indestructible because it was quite an impact and it really only messed up the bumper, the bumper mount brackets, and the tail pipes- so not too bad considering how hard he hit me.

So, all in all- God knows best! We got an estimate at the Ford Dealership which came in close to 3,000 and I will go get another estimate later this afternoon.

I spent the rest of Sunday cleaning and organizing to try to get this house ready to post pictures for those of you who haven't seen it! I promise, the pictures are coming! But, with only one day a week to work on the house, it is a SLOW process!

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  1. so so so glad you and baby boy are a-okay. the adrenaline of getting hit while pregnant would have sent me into seizures.